The MS-SQL databases in your IT infrastructure landscape may be part of mission critical systems whose uptime is essential for the organization’s mission statement. Monitoring of such systems should never be reactive.

As an IT leader, are you taking a reactive stance to the monitoring of your MS-SQL database infrastructure - “We will fix it when it breaks!”. The problem with this approach is that one is essentially waiting for failure, which can’t be far away. Even if you know how to fix the issue when it arises, isn’t it better to take the remedial measures before the problem hits you causing unplanned downtime and loss of productivity? Nip the problem at its bud!

So how does one ensure proactiveness – by putting a system in place which prevents failure or forewarns of impending failure much before it actually occurs?

Simple Logic’s Custom Monitoring and Alerting Solution

Simple Logic’s custom solution is the right system for pro-active monitoring of your MS-SQL database infrastructure. The essential features of this solution are:

The benefits one can derive by implementing this custom monitoring solution include:

The features of this monitoring solution are:-




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