Why should you move to the cloud?

Cloud computing is causing a disruptive and transformational shift that touches almost every part of an enterprise’s technology landscape. Gartner says that by 2020, a corporate "No-Cloud" policy will be as rare as a "No-Internet" policy is today.

Are you spending too much of your limited time in managing your on-premises IT hardware infrastructure?

Your company’s stakeholders and shareholders interest are best served by your focus on your core business competencies. Why should you be bogged down by the limitations of your on-premises hardware infrastructure?

Do the following problems sound familiar?

During times of crisis such a COVID-19, did you face challenges with manning and managing your IT infrastructure?

  • Lack of scalability & Flexibility – Inability of your IT hardware infrastructure to scale up during the crucial month end activities or on demand?
  • Frequent hardware refresh cycle.
  • Attrition of your IT staff managing the hardware infrastructure.
  • Lack of disaster recovery policy.
  • RoI/TCO calculation – Having difficulty in calculating the TCO of your hardware infrastructure. There are direct, indirect and overhead costs to consider.

If the answer to any of the above question is YES, then you should seriously consider adopting cloud into your overall IT strategy.


Public Cloud

  • Lower costs — No compelling reason to buy equipment or perform system configuration. You pay just for the resources you use.
  • No upkeep — Your specialist co-op gives the support.
  • Close boundless adaptability — On request assets are scale-able to meet your business growing needs.
  • High unwavering quality — An immense system of workers guarantees against disappointment.

Private cloud

  • Greater adaptability — Your association can alter its cloud condition to meet explicit business needs.
  • Improved security — Assets are not imparted to other people, so more significant levels of control and security are conceivable.
  • High versatility — Private Cloud despite everything manage the cost of the adaptability and proficiency of an open cloud.

Hybrid cloud

  • Control — Your association can keep up a private foundation for delicate resources.
  • No upkeep — Your specialist co-op gives the support.
  • Adaptability — You can exploit extra assets in the open cloud when you need them.
  • Straightforwardness — With a hybrid cloud, the organization’s workloads get on-premise computational efficiency which ensures maximum workload management.


Flexibility & Scalability

Scale up or Scale down your cloud infrastructure capacity on demand, based upon your business needs.

Easy to Setup & Manage

Create a Virtual Machine (Server) in a few clicks.Focus your time and resources in your core business competencies.

Disaster Recovery policy

Avoid large up-front investment on your DR infrastructure. Cloud is a very cost-effective business continuity solution.

Simple Logic’s Cloud Migration Services

Simple Logic has helped many of its customers migrate their database and middleware workloads from on-premise to cloud.Simple Logic has extensive experience working with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud having migrated our customer’s infrastructure to these cloud vendors.

Databases – Oracle, MS-SQL, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB
– WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss

The following cloud computing models are supported by Simple Logic’s Cloud CoE:
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service (AWS EC2, Azure, Oracle IaaS).
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service (AWS RDS, Oracle DBaaS)

There are six alternative migration strategies for cloud migration by Simple Logic







The first two Rehost (lift and shift) and Replatform (lift, tinker, and shift) are ideal for migration with no or very minimal code changes. Simple Logic is well versed in all strategies. Customer Reference can be provided on request.

We at Simple Logic IT Pvt. Ltd. provide you with the perfect cloud solution in Mumbai and also through remote support, that is tailored to your organizational requirements and can satisfy your needs.

We are based in Mumbai and have experts to assist with all requirements related to cloud migration and cloud consultation.

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