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Oracle EBS ERP is your mission critical system which generates and/or records revenue. The last few days of the month end are crucial because this is the period in which most of the revenue is recorded, orders are booked etc. Hence it is essential that system is available, performs well and scales up to the higher needs during this critical period.

What happens if the ERP system is unavailable or has a sub-par performance during period closing. The effects are manifold:

Your ERP may function normally during non-perk hours, but is it geared upto meet the increased demand during the times it is most needed?

Simple Logic’s Period Closing Process Optimization

Simple Logic has worked with many of its EBS clients in making their month end period close activities smooth. We have done optimization and process improvements at both the database and application layer.Transactions which earlier took inordinate amount of time now complete within the SLAs.

The responsibility for EBS performance lies with the DBA team- the buck stops there! We take complete ownership of the EBS DB and Middleware infrastructure stack. Simple Logic has a well-defined checklist carried out before the month-end process starts which ensures that there are no hiccups during the month end.Customer references can be provided on request.

Period Closing Process Optimization - Overview

Customer references can be provided on request.





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