• Dec 02 2019

Why Remote DBA Services?

Written by - Team Simple Logic

Simple Logic is a pioneer and leader in the field of Data Infrastructure Management and is the only company to provide complete support for all major database platforms Oracle, UDB DB2, DB2 z/OS, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL using the ONguard IM process. Simple Logic manages thousands of databases for more than 140 clients worldwide, half of which are Fortune 1000 and Forbes Private 500 firms. Simple Logic is SAS 70 Type II compliant. For more information, please visit http://www.simplelogic.in/

What Remote DBA Experts Says  

According to DBA Experts at Simple Logic, this strong demand for Remote Database Administration signals the tipping point, as today’s CIOs understand the value and benefits of managing data infrastructure as a service. “It’s a combination of many factors that are pushing this trend: the IT talent shortage, explosive data volumes, the shift to “transactional sourcing” models, and the realities of 24×7 global markets. Operational excellence of mission-critical systems by a managed service the provider enables, CIOs to realign talent and resources for higher-value objectives.”

Optimization For Success

As data becomes a more critical component of success, businesses are finding that high-performance databases are hard to build and keep tuned as requirements change. In addition, DBAs are hard to find and even harder to keep. With Simple Logic Care, no matter how big your website or embedded applications are, and no matter what your price point is, you can ensure that your database environment is fully optimized, always available, and supported by the most trusted team of developers and DBAs in the business.

Simple Logic Can Help

Simple Logic also supports Simple Logic XtraDB Cluster and other High Availability Cloud architectures and tools. We use a variety of software solutions to deliver optimal operations including Simple Logic XtraBackup and Simple Logic Monitoring Plugins.

Simple Logic Remote DBA services are available to organizations worldwide, whether running their servers on-premise or in the cloud. We work with you to craft a solution that uniquely meets your exact requirements. The Simple Logic Remote DBA service includes:

·         Monitoring Alert Response and Resolution.

·        24x7 monitoring and response to correct performance, availability, and critical security issues that may occur on your database servers.



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